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Photography is all about telling stories, and the lives of people are the most compelling. This type of work is an ongoing theme for me, and as such I’m always looking for more ways that I can extend this project.  Everyone has different aspects to their life of course, as a photographer you might see my photos but not see the other aspects of my life past this. In this series I’m showing a persons whole life, to show how the seemingly mundane is just as interesting as the more interesting life we all like to promote. In this set of work I’m showing the life of an Apsara dancer, and the life of a warrior monk.

The apsara dancer - This is the story of the real life cinderalla, a chamber maid by day and an Apsara dancer by night. Her life is hard but there is a love for life, and a strong family connection in her life.

The warrior monk - This is the story of Cheong San, he is an unassuming but very knowledgeable monk who lives in the hillls of Geumsungsangsung fort. He has dedicated his life to learning the ancient martial arts of his forefathers, and lives of the land in the mountains.

A day in the life