An image with impact will do more for your business than 1000 words, get that attention grabbing front page that really draws your customers in. I have a number of years experience shooting as a stock photographer at a library of my work can be found on Getty images.

If your needs are more specific you might consider commissioning me for some custom stock photography, specific to your needs. I offer the following rates for this type of photography. A selection of the type of photographs you can expect can be found here.

Services available

This is a diverse field with differing needs, so I tailor the products I offer to suit you, these are as follows. Note my prices are for photography time, but include the hours of post-processing also needed to produce the final product.

  1. Company portraits

  2. Half day (3 hours) - £200        Full day (6 hours) - £400

  3. The human touch often goes down well if you’re looking to promote yourself. I offer studio level portraits in your place of work, and if required I can take natural “in the moment” photos of people while they work

  4. Product photography

            Half day (3 hours) - £200        Full day (6 hours) - £400        Home product - £10 per item

  1. A well lit photograph of the product you wish to advertise in it’s natural environment, or with a neutral background are both great options for building a website or an advert. I offer full or half day photo sessions. I also do product photography where I live, all you need to do is send it to me, with return package payment and it’s £10 per item.

  2. Architecturial and interior

            Half day (3 hours) - £150        Full day (6 hours) - £300

  1. Slick images of office complexes, or interiors can really give a professional edge to your organization when looking to win that bid, take advantage of my well honed skills to get the shot with impact.

Booking and payment

When you decide to commission me for your work I’ll need you to pay 50% of the money upfront to confirm the booking, the remaining 50% should be paid after the shoot and watermarks will remain on photos until this is done. You may need to pay some additional costs depending on whether I need to travel for this work. You can check my schedule to see when I’m close to your business. In order to make your booking click here.

Additional costs

Any traveling required of me over and above a 5 mile radius of my current location on the day of the shoot will be covered by you, in addition if I need to stay overnight the cost of a hotel room should also be covered. If you’re taking advantage of my home product photography you’ll need to pay the shipping costs of your products.

When and how will I receive the photos?

I’ll usually try to send you the images as quickly as possible, it will take no longer than 1 week to receive them. The images will be watermarked until the final 50% of the payment is received.

I can send you the images in 2 ways, either by CD or through dropbox.

  1. CD

  2. Images can be burnt to a CD and sent to the address you provide me with, this may take a few days to arrive.

  3. Dropbox

  4. My preferred method of sending files is dropbox. I’ll send you an invitation to share a folder by e-mail, and then you’ll be able to download the images at your leisure via this excellent sharing program. You’ll need to download the dropbox application if you don’t have it. Once you have the files you’ll need to e-mail me, and then remove the files from the dropbox folder and onto your computer.

My equipment

I’ll carry a range of equipment with me for this type of photography to suit the needs of the situation. I’ll of course carry a high-end dSLR camera body to produce the highest quality images. If you’re looking for portraits I’ll generally bring a 50mm, and a 17-40mm wide angle lens. The product photography will generally be done using a macro lens, and architectural photography will be done using a wide angle lens. I also carry 2 strobes with me if the situation I’m in requires lighting, this is especially important for interior and product photography. In addition to this I might make a rudimentary light-box for product photos, depending on needs.

Terms and conditions

All images taken during the shoot are copyrighted to me, as part of this package I’ll be offering 1 years exclusive usage of these photos for commercial purposes. If you wish the usage to last longer than this then we will need to discuss this before the shoot, though this will be reflected in the price I quote. In order to receive this exclusive usage I’ll sign a photographers release, and you’ll sign a licensing form stating the duration of exclusive usage.

Before the shoot begins I’ll require you to sign a property release for anything that you might have rights for, and after the one year exclusive period I will use the images I took for both self-promotion and commercial purposes.

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