Jinju Lantern festival

The South Korean town of Jinju comes alive in early October as the Namgang river is lit up with 100’s of lanterns during it’s annual lantern festival. The festival is centred on it’s historic fort, which sits proudly along one of the river banks, with one of the undoubted highlights being the fireworks display’s that open and close the festival.

    The historic significance of the festival dates back to a war with Japan that happened in 1592, a war in which the Korean force was heavily outnumbered but they fought and gained a historic victory. Whilst the conflict was raging lanterns where used as a means of communication, and this is where the roots of the festival comes from.

    Today’s festival celebrates both the history of lanterns in Jinju, and the use of Lanterns in other cultures.

Transport - Jinju can be easily reached from Busan by bus

When - 1st  October - 14th October

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