Buddha’s birthday



Ghengis Khan, perhaps Mongolia’s most famous son would surely approve of the Naadam festival, and the sports that take place whilst it’s on. The event takes place in the summer months in most of Mongolia’s towns and cities, though the largest is of course held in Ulaanbaatar.

    The 3 most important events are wrestling, horse racing and archery though other cultural performances also occur. Of course these 3 events would be high on the list of criteria to be in Ghengis Khan’s army back in the day, and they inspire a lot of interest with those witnessing them. The horse races are a very serious deal, and unlike western horse races they’re run over much longer distances. The jockey’s are also much younger, some as young as 5 or 6! The young boys are chosen for both skill and because they don’t slow the horse down with their excessive weight, to the winner goes the glory and to the horse owner a nice new 4 wheel drive!

When - July 11th till

July 13th

Naadam festival