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What if it was all just a dream?

I have several books available to purchase that would look great on the coffee table, and could improve your photography. These books feature a great selection of full colour images, so why not take a look?

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Simple scene, Sensational shot
available now on amazonhttp://www.amazon.com/Simple-Scene-Sensational-Shot-Simon/dp/1908150637

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The Seoul metro project
available now on magcloudhttp://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/321091

The Seoul Metro project

A collaborative effort between me an a group of Seoul based photographers has produced the Seoul metro project. This initially started as a group exercise to photograph every stop on the Seoul metro, but once finished it seemed like a great idea to turn this into a book. The brains behind this is another great photographer called Shawn Parker, though lots of other people have contributed to this and made it happen. This is primarily a coffee table book, but some of the ideas you’ll find in this book could inspire you to take photos like this yourself.

Simple scene sensational shot

I’m very excited to bring you my first book on improving your photography, this would make a great purchase to supplement  my workshops. The book aims to get you out there taking photos as quickly as possible by demonstrating the kind of photos I take through case studies, and then showing you the techniques I used to produce those results. Although useful technical information is in the book the aim is to get you out experimenting and shooting, so you learn the technical stuff out in the field.

Coming soon

What if it was all just a dream?

It was several years ago I picked up my first crystal ball in Shanghai, most people go for fortune cookies in China but I knew better! The result has been a series of images that have featured in galleries, newspapers and magazines around the world. Now I’ve put together this collection in this book in a group of images that you’ll want to share with others. The book isn’t just about images though, it explains how you could take images using crystal balls yourself.