Still life

The use of off camera flash is a way of really improving the quality of your work, and in some cases is the only way of getting good results. Now of course as a travel photographer it’s not always possible to use studio lighting for everything, and this is where a few speedlites will come in handy. The versatility having the ability to put your own light into a situation can’t be underestimated. The most common application will be for portraits, but still life and some architecture work can also benefit as well.

Still life - The ability to tell a story through a still life photo can be used as part of a set of photo for a travel destination article. Indeed food photos are often an important part of a place, and will form part of that article.

Portraits - Lots of work can be done using natural light of course but the addition of a flash can enhance results, a good portrait photo is often used on the cover of magazines so the ability to do this well is important.


Long exposure

Day in the life