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Night photography is a slightly more specialised form of photography that requires a higher technical ability to do well. In this course you’ll explore a few different type of night photography, and this should follow on from the beginners course which I run.

What will I learn?

Night photography require you to become familiar with a series of techniques, and for you to become comfortable using certain equipment. Over the course of this 2 day workshop you’ll be provided with some handouts, and given expert advice on how to get the most from your camera.

  1. 1.Take photos during the blue hour, and learn why this is a great time to take night photographs

  2. 2.Learn to take long exposure traffic light trails.

  3. 3.Find out what light painting is, and where best to try this technique.

  4. 4.Learn about using available light to take portrait photos

  5. 5.Try out strobism to enhance your work for both landscape and portrait photography

  6. 6.Why using a fast lens is important at night, and how using a shallow depth of field can produce bokeh

  7. 7.Take a look at night time panning.

What equipment should I bring?

Night photography require you to have some specific equipment the items listed below are essential. I’ll provide some of the items you’ll need such as a torch for light painting.

  1. 1.A solid tripod for any long exposure work that you’ll do.

  2. 2.A dSLR camera that allows you to control the shutter speed.

  3. 3.A good fast prime lens for any portrait work.

  4. 4.It’s a good idea to bring an external shutter release to reduce camera shake

  5. 5.A flash gun to be used in the strobism exercises.

  6. 6.A fully charged battery, and one spare battery just in case

  7. 7.A pen and notepad to take notes

  8. 8.A coat for you and a plastic bag to protect your camera, in case it rains.

How much does this cost?

This advance course in photography will cost £100 per person, with the course limited to 8 people. You’ll need to check the schedule to see when this course is available, and in which area. Once you have made your decision to book this course you can do so by contacting me.

Where will the course take place?

Information to come