Simon Bond Photography

Your scene, your shot

This is your chance to learn from me and improve on your photography with this specialised series of photography workshops. These course that are held over 2 days, or in the case of the travel workshop 1 week, will give you practical advice in the form of handouts and a talk. The next step is to get out and practice, so we’ll all go out on a photo-walk with subject matter related to the handouts, and I’ll be on hand to give tips and advice as you shoot. The types of workshops are listed above, and there is a schedule for when these courses are run.

About me

I’m a professional photographer from the UK, but now based in Asia. I’ve been photographing for many years and have featured in several well renowned publications. As well as this I have also produced a book, which would supplement these workshops nicely, and I’m an active contributor to getty images. As well as my photography experience I’ve also been a teacher in South Korea for 5 years, so I have good experience of passing my knowledge on to others.

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